Neura IMOs

Experience the future of funding for AI models.

Fund groundbreaking AI projects as they launch and release their ERC-20 tokens for the first time with Initial Model Offerings (IMOs).

Become the first investor in revolutionary AI.

In Web3 and traditional finance, whales gain vast amounts of wealth by being the first to purchase new assets. IMOs on Neura offer you the first opportunity to purchase tokens and get in on the ground floor.

AI projects release a limited run of their ERC-20 token.AI projects release a limited run of their ERC-20 token.
IMO investors purchase tokens before sale to the broader market.IMO investors purchase tokens before sale to the broader market.
Both AI models and investors gain significant upside.Both AI models and investors gain significant upside.

Join a powerful economy uniting developers and investors.

IMOs grant unique benefits that empower both AI projects and their community of future token holders.

For Developers

Supercharge your project with a deep well of capital.

Access a broad investor base and capital resources to supplement traditional funding

Enhance visibility within AI and blockchain communities hunting for new opportunities

Gain continuous and flexible access to funding sourced from a diverse pool

For Investors

Gain access to fast-scaling token returns.

Invest in cutting-edge AI technologies at an early stage before they open to a general raising

See potential for high returns from successful AI models scaling and commercializing

Realize full transparency and security from blockchain-based investments

Getting started for developers & token investors.

For Developers

Launch an IMO in 5 steps.

AI developers can follow these steps to tokenize projects and begin crowdfunding!

1. Select the Launch a Project tab to get started.

2. Sign in with your MetaMask wallet when prompted to continue.

3. Complete the form to launch your IMO, including project information, presale amount, and token address.

4. Preview and launch your project with tools and support provided by Neura for managing your IMO.

5. Opt-in to Integrate your project with Neura’s blockchain for deploying and operating AI models.

Launch your IMO

For Investors

Discover IMOs and purchase tokens.

Token investors can participate in IMOs by following the below steps.

1. View the list of available IMOs via the Active Projects tab.

2. Select an interesting project to learn the full IMO details, performance, and potential ROI.

3. Choose the amount of ANKR tokens you want to invest in the project.

4. Connect your wallet and complete the transaction.

5. See your new ERC-404 or ERC-7641 NFTs in your wallet.

See active IMOs