Introducing Neura

The blockchain built for AI.

Welcome to the next-generation AI stack.

Neura's fusion of technologies transforms scalability, economics, and security for AI models.


A platform for advanced AI creation, training, and deployment


On-demand GPUs, Decentralized storage, Node infrastructure


Crowdsourced funding, AI Compute-as-a-Currency, Advanced tokenomics


Bitcoin security, ZK proofs, Smart contract automation

Revolutionizing AI Startup Launch.

Scale GPU resources to any demand.

Global GPU Marketplace

Neura offers access to a network of decentralized GPU providers, allowing builders to launch and scale AI with flexible, affordable, on-demand compute.

Leverage secure, safe, verifiable data.

Decentralized Data Storage

With only critical transactions occurring on-chain and AI data storage occurring off-chain, Neura offers the best of high performance and data integrity.

Data Storage Providers





Crowdsource global funding.

Initial Model Offerings (IMOs)

Initial Model Offerings empower projects to crowdsource capital raising with tokens, representing shared ownership.

AI Token Sales. Enable project ownership, AI usage payments, and more by issuing tokens.

Fractionalized Ownership.Democratize ownership by allowing users to support AI projects with ERC-404 tokens.

Revenue Sharing.Automatically share profits from AI usage with contributors and investors using ERC-7641 tokens.

Powering every layer of AI operations.

Training & Inference

AI developers and users submit requests needing computational resources managed via smart contracts on Neura Chain.

Compute & Processing

GPU Providers make resources available by being validated on Neura, ensuring a ready pool of computational power.

Storage & Data Transparency

Decentralized Storage is used when caching and retrieving tasks and results, ensuring efficiency and scalability without burdening the blockchain.

Harnessing new economic models to fuel AI.

Deployed on the internet of blockchains.

With full EVM compatibility and the Cosmos SDK's IBC protocol, Neura guarantees the seamless deployment of AI models across ecosystems, setting a new standard for interoperability.

Powered by ANKR token.

The ANKR token serves as the primary currency within the Neura ecosystem. It is used for all AI model usage, purchasing IMO tokens, staking, and more.

Backed by Bitcoin security.

Neura harnesses the unparalleled security of staked Bitcoin, courtesy of the Babylon protocol, creating the safest environment for on-chain data.